October 2020

PhD Scholarship at University College London

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Terrific PhD opportunity in Natural Resources Management at University College London (Dept. Chemical Engineering), offering a wide range of project areas and opportunities to link up with us at UniSA. https://findaphd.com/phds/program/multi-disciplinary-research-related-to-the-global-management-of-natural-resources/?i274p5040

Potential areas for research projects include:

social license to operate;supply chain analysis and optimisation in the resources sector;modelling innovative approaches to mitigate the environmental […]

August 2020

Port Pirie work hitting the headlines

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Hazel has been doing the media rounds with the completion of the report outlining our work on metal contamination in marine sediments surrounding Port Pirie. As well as a radio interview on ABC 891 (interview starts at 1:16), there’s been articles on The Advertiser and ABC websites and on the local tv news. In […]

July 2020

Congratulations Nasrin!

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Well done to Nasrin simply for completing her Honours thesis (Using X-ray fluorescence to measure metal contamination in marine sediments from the Upper Spencer Gulf, South Australia ) during these very strange times. But even better, she’s received First Class Honours, which is a great result. Next step is to write this up […]

April 2020

More fun times

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With the world gone a bit mad, it’s hard to remember it was only a couple of months ago we were up at Port Pirie sampling sediments and seagrass wrack for Nasrin’s Honours project. She’s testing how well XRF (X-ray fluorescence) works as a technique to measure metal contamination in sediments and organic matter […]

January 2020

Off to a busy start at UniSA

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No summer break for Craig, with his move over to a new office in the School of Natural and Built Environments (soon to be just STEM UniSA) and then running Biol 4001 Coastal Environments for a couple of weeks mid January. You might also have noticed that the logo on the top right […]

November 2019

CAS moving to UniSA in 2020

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Craig will be officially moving across to UniSA as a faculty member from the start of January. Initially at least, he’ll be based in the School of Natural and Built Environments, but moving into the new UniSA program/structure that will happen in the middle of the year when the changes associated with UniSA’s Enterprise […]

October 2019

Congratulations all round

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A run of good news in the ERME Lab over the last few weeks:

First, Hazel WON the Winnovation award (rural, regional and remote category) – which is a great recognition for our Port Pirie metals/sediment project

Both Bohan and Yingjie finished (and passed!) their MSc projects

Antony has gotten a job as an Environmental Adviser […]

September 2019

Hazel a finalist in 2019 Winnovation awards

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Congratulations to Hazel for being nominated as a finalist in the Regional, Rural and Remote category of the South Australian Winnovation Awards. Hazel is nominated for her work on our project re-imagining the contaminated sediments near smelters in Port Pirie as as a resource to recover and repurpose desirable metals. We’ve got a long […]

July 2019

Having a good month!

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Antony is having a pretty good July – and certainly a much warmer month that the rest of us back in Adelaide. First stop the SETAC conference in Darwin, where he was runner up in the best student poster competition. Then off to London for his viva, where he successfully defended his PhD. […]

June 2019

Climate Change Impacts on Oyster Reproduction

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New paper just out on the potential effects of climate change on reproduction in oysters. Led by Laura Falkenberg (now at the Chinese University of Hong Kong) and with CAS and Jon Havenhand from Tjarno Marine Lab helping, this work looked at how changed pH and salinity in predicted future climates affect sperm motility […]

May 2019

Well Done Antony!

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Antony Lockyer has handed up his PhD thesis on the potential use of marine invertebrate sperm as endpoints for marine ecotoxicological testing. In return he was handed some (now traditional) marine themed balloons – in this case representing a fish swimming in a seawater/copper solution…..it was too hard to find (or ask for) a […]

April 2019

New Social Licence Paper

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Allie Mitchell and Craig have just published a paper on community consultation in the journal The Extractive Industries and Society. The paper is based on work Allie did for her MSc project in UCL’s MSc in Global Management of Natural Resources in 2017.

Based on a series of interviews Allie did in South Australia, the paper […]

March 2019

Congratulations Dr Niner

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Holly’s thesis has been accepted and her PhD awarded. Since handing in she’s also published a sneaky paper in Frontiers in Marine Science and lined up a job in Denmark: plus, there’s more papers to come from her thesis. With this sort of momentum, watch out world!

February 2019

Doing Ecotoxicology Experiments Right

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First paper from Antony’s PhD is now available – Importance of sperm density in assessing the toxicity of metals to the fertilization of broadcast spawners. In the paper Antony shows that the way many ecotoxicology tests are done can lead to underestimation of toxicity – it depends on a) whether the action of the toxicant […]

UCL Open: Environment

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UCL Press has just launched a new open access megajournal UCL Open: Environment which focuses on environment-related research and will include contributions from life and earth sciences, as well as medical, physical, population, engineering, and social sciences. Much like founding principles of UCL, the philosophy of the journal is to challenge the status […]