October 2017

New paper published: Optimisation approaches for the synthesis of water treatment plants

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Masha’s paper in Computers and Chemical Engineering has finally appeared, after a long time being ‘in press’.

In the paper Masha has used a mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) model approach to look at optimising complex processes such as water purification. In this case, pretty complex problems required complex solutions and Masha actually used  partially linearised […]

September 2017

New Paper: Realising a vision of no net loss through marine biodiversity offsetting in Australia

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Our latest paper to be published in Ocean & Coastal Management reviews current marine biodiversity offsetting practice in Australia. Our review shows that biodiversity offsetting is being used to regulate the environmental impacts of development projects located in marine areas. We found that the application of key principles for biodiversity offsetting success (no net loss […]

June 2017

New paper in Nature Geoscience

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Holly has just co-authored a short correspondence on Biodiversity Loss from Deep-Sea Mining in Nature Geosciences.  Based on an assessment of the four tiers of mitigation hierarchy (biodiversity loss should be avoided, minimized, remediated and — as a last resort — offset) the paper argues that mining with no net loss of biodiversity in the deep […]

MSc in Global Management of Natural Resources

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May 2017

New research published: Sensitivity of oyster reproduction to antifouling compounds

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Ex-post-doc Laura, Craig, Antony and colleagues from Sweden have just published a paper Low sensitivity of reproductive life-stages in the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) to abamectin in the journal Chemosphere. The paper is pretty much what’s in the title – using a range of ecotoxicology assays, including our new method for assessing sperm motility, we […]

New paper: A global snapshot of marine biodiversity offsetting policy

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A global snapshot of marine biodiversity offsetting policy  is the first paper from Holly Niner’s PhD and  has just appeared in Marine Policy. Abstract pasted below and a free pdf can be downloaded for fifty days, after which an authors’ copy will be available from the UCL research publication service.

Well done Holly!

Abstract:  Biodiversity offsetting is used […]

April 2017

New MSc Students

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This month we say hello to two new MSc students from London, Xuejin Zhu and Alexandra Mitchell, both in Australia to do their research projects as part of the MSc in Global Management of Natural Resources.  Both will be working on Social Licensing projects in conjunction with local mining operators in the Adelaide Hills and […]

March 2017

CAS appointed as Acting Head of UCL Australia

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With our current Head of Department, Prof Magnus Nyden, leaving soon for a position in industry, Craig will be acting head of department at UCL Australia until the end of the year.  We wish Magnus all the best in his new position as Chief Scientist at AksoNobel and thank him for all of his efforts […]

February 2017

New Year, New Papers

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Somehow it’s Feb 2017 already  – but a bunch of papers have appeared from the ERME lab over the Christmas/New Year break:

No Harm, No Foul? Expert Views on the Future Direction of Marine Anti-Biofouling Technologies. A conference paper on stakeholder’s perceptions of the likely directions for anti-fouling paint research, authored by our UCL Australia […]

December 2016

ERME Lab go on Writing Retreat

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Last week the ERME group spent a few days away from the office/lab at Moonta Bay on the Yorke Peninsula.  Craig, Hazel, Holly, Antony and Chaos the Dog spent a few days working on manuscripts, interspersed with some snorkelling and a trip up to Port Pirie to have a look around.  Chaos continued his ongoing […]

November 2016

New Research Published – Cryptic Species in a Globally Invasive Estuarine Worm

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Craig has just had a new paper published about  unrecognised (cryptic) species in one of the world’s most invasive estuarine species, the tubeworm Ficopomatus enigmaticus.  With colleagues from the Australian Museum and Deakin University, we had planned to look at the genetic make-up and connectedness of populations of Ficopomatus among different estuaries across Australia – in part […]

October 2016

Australian Ocean Renewable Energy Symposium (AORES)

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I recently attended the inaugural Australian Ocean Renewable Energy Symposium (AORES) in Melbourne. This event was sponsored largely through the Commonwealth Government Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and CSIRO in partnership with the University of Tasmania (and the Australian Maritime College) and Swinburne University.

The symposium brought together a good mix of developers, academics and researchers […]

Hej från Sverige

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Hello from Sweden.

Craig is at Tjärnö Marine Lab (University of Gothenburg) for a few days break from London, visiting his colleague Professor Jon Havenhand.  As well as solving most of the world’s problems (at least theoretically), Craig and Jon are finishing up a couple of manuscripts based on work that former post-doc Laura Falkenberg started last […]

SETAC Hobart 2016

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The 2016 Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Australasia (SETAC-AU) conference was held in Hobart, Tasmania (4-7 October). The conference was themed “industry, Science and Environment: Towards a Sustainable Future” and attracted key academic, government and industry personnel from Australia and Around the World.

Dr. Christian Ritz hosted a pre-conference workshop entitled: “Statistical methods in ecotoxicology using […]

UCL – UniSA Workshop

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Yesterday, Craig ran a workshop “A systems approach to Energy & Resources Management” on the Bloomsbury campus.  Five participants travelled over from UniSA in Adelaide, a couple (Craig and Magnus) from UCL Australia and another dozen or so came from across the Faculty of Engineering/Bartlett in London.  A very successful day all round, with some […]