Terrific PhD opportunity in Natural Resources Management at University College London (Dept. Chemical Engineering), offering a wide range of project areas and opportunities to link up with us at UniSA. https://findaphd.com/phds/program/multi-disciplinary-research-related-to-the-global-management-of-natural-resources/?i274p5040

Potential areas for research projects include:

  1. social license to operate;
  2. supply chain analysis and optimisation in the resources sector;
  3. modelling innovative approaches to mitigate the environmental impact of emergent contaminants (e.g., heavy metal ions, pharmaceuticals, etc.);
  4. circular economy applied to the resources sector (e.g., re-processing of contaminants dispersed in the environment);
  5. recycling of nuclear waste via advanced processes.

Craig is an Honorary Reader at UCL and can be a Principal Supervisor for this position (though you’ll also have a supervisory team with some other terrific folks at Chem Eng in London). Lots of opportunities in 1) to build on some of our Social Licence to Operate research or projects associated with remediation metal contaminated marine areas at Port Pirie could easily fit within areas 2)-4). Please contact Craig if you would like to discuss further.