Thank you for interest in this study, which is part of Suzanne Mathan’s MSc dissertation research at UCL Australia.  For any questions about this study  see this participant information sheet (ethics-approval-application-form_information-sheet), or please contact Suzanne via email.

The broad objective of this study is to assess how people working in different areas of the Energy & Resource sectors understand/ perceive the Social Licence to Operate (SLO). Thus, using a survey instrument known as a “Q-sort“, we would like you to rank 25 statements in terms of how important you think they are as drivers of a SLO, using this Powerpoint file (q-sort-pp-rev-7).

Instructions on how to undertake the Q-sort are provided in the powerpoint document, on the second slide and in review boxes as you proceed to undertake the sort.  Here is an example which you could also use to help you undertake your sorting (q-sort-pp-rev-7-example).  Suzanne has created a Youtube video that also explains how to do a sort.

Probably the  easiest way to do the sort is in two stages – a first, broad sort into three groups on slide 3, then copy and paste each of these groups onto slide 4, to then do a second pass of rankings within each of those to fit into the normal curve/seven rankings template which is on slide 4. Do provide some feedback at the bottom of the sorting table (on slide 4) on why or how you sorted the statements the way you did.  Note that there is no right or wrong answer to the way you undertake your assessment and that ranking the statements is (purposefully) likely to be a bit difficult.  But all up, we hope that the sort shouldn’t take you more than 15 -20 minutes to complete.

The returned Q-sorts will be analysed anonymously, but there are also some questions on slide1 where we would like you to provide some broad information about which area you work in. This information is really important to facilitate data analysis.  Once completed, please email the completed Q-sort slides to (Industry Liaison Manager at UCL Australia). Note that Mark is not otherwise involved in this study and to ensure anonymity of this study he will pass on the Q-sorts documents without participants’ contact information.

Thank you very much for your participation in this study.